VOLVO spare Parts, Used Parts & Exchange

Stockists of new Volvo aftermarket replacement parts, as well as used reconditioned parts suitable for your equipment at a competitive price

Based on the experience of owning and operating dump trucks and wheel loaders, HTS understand what consumable parts and major components are required to keep your machinery moving.

We bench test our components once they are finished.

Rebuilt Components

Highway Tractor Spares offers rebuilt components for all Volvo construction equipment. Our rebuilt component stock includes engines, transmissions, drop boxes, axles, planetary, differentials, brake calipers, hydraulic cylinders and more.

Service Exchange Components

When the components in your Volvo equipment reach the point of overhaul or replacement, Highway Tractor Spares can assist in minimising downtime and reducing costs through our service exchange components program.

Second Hand Spares

Highway Tractor Spares the market leading professional wrecking business in Australia and New Zealand that wrecks Volvo construction and earthmoving machines. We have been in the wrecking business for over 20 years and are able to offer used parts for most old and newer Volvo machines.

Bench Testing

HTS reconditioned components are a cost and time effective solution to get you back and running without breaking the bank.

We supply a diverse selection of components on an exchange basis. E.g. Transmissions, engines, drop boxes, final drives, hydraulic pumps and many more.

To ensure an optimum outcome all our components are bench tested on site to meet all OEM specifications. This gives our customers peace of mind and allows for fast and easy installation.

As one of Australia’s leading aftermarket parts supplier all essential parts are stocked on site to limit the time of the rebuild process.

Customers are welcomed to communicate directly with our specialist to stay informed and up to date on the progress or even drop by to see our facilities.

Quality Investment

The quality built into the Volvo product means that even when a machine has reached the end of its useful working life many parts and components are still in excellent condition, capable of providing years of reliable service at a fraction of the cost of a new part.

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