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Dump Truck Spare Parts

The highest quality aftermarket spare parts for your Volvo Dump Truck.

The Highest Quality Dump Truck Spares
    When considering replacement of your dump truck parts there are a few options. You may choose Aftermarket New Parts, Second Hand Refurbished Parts or you might want to use our Volvo Service Exchange.

    We stock parts across all categories, including:

  • Engine
  • Electric parts
  • Power transmission
  • Brakes
  • Steering spare parts
  • Frames (includes axle suspension and wheels)

Our most demanded parts for your Dump Truck we hold in stock: 6211532, 11709042, 11994196, 11054614. 17262260, 15049695, 1110326, 11121340, 11052112, 11060165, 11103124, 111116547, 184712, 11704600, 11121119, 11193390, 11193389, 11063640, 11121152.

Dump Truck Parts | New, Used or Exchange

Aftermarket New Parts - At HTS we source and supply new aftermarket parts from our global Volvo network including SLP in Sweden. You can view our partners here.

Used Parts - For second hand parts our wrecking and dismantling division may have a suitable refurbished part on hand for your machine.

Service Exchange - Alternatively, you may like to consider service exchange. If your Earthmoving Machine has parts reaching the end of their life, get in touch with our service exchange team today. We can arrange an exchange for your machine before its too late and help keep you up and running without down time.

Looking for parts for a different machine? We are able to source the parts that you need from Hyundai, Doosan and more. Our reputation and network gives us the buying power to offer you the most competitive prices you'll find. Give us a call today on (03) 9794 5355 to discuss your needs and we'll do our best to fulfil them!