Sinopec Lubricant Earthmoving

Sinopec Mining and Earthmoving Oil Range

Sinopec has a proven track record of supplying premium lubricants to many of Australia’s largest mine operators. Today’s modern mining and earthmoving equipment is highly complex and technologically sophisticated. These machines experience high loads, unbelievable heat levels and severe pressures. For these “goliaths” of the industry, working 24/7, the higher the fluid quality the better the protection it offers against metal wear - which is the primary contributor to accelerated component failure. Unscheduled downtime caused by poor lubrication can be extremely inconvenient and very costly.

The Sinopec range of premium lubricants is designed to provide maximum protection in every type of equipment – from diesel engines, gearboxes, transmissions, final drives to hydraulic systems. This includes the enormous diversity of on-site above ground and underground mobile or fixed machinery.

As well as providing anti-wear protection, Sinopec’s premium lubricants maintain their lubrication properties over extended oil-drain periods. Sinopec oils have proven they can perform beyond expectation in our harsh Australian conditions day after day, year after year.