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Volvo Machinery Wrecking & Dismantling
  • By Elizabeth Capell
  • Jun 29, 2023

Volvo Machinery Wrecking & Dismantling

At HTS we are well known for our experience sourcing quality Volvo parts for Aussie equipment owners. However, we also do so much more. Another, lesser known arm of our business here in Melbourne, Victoria, is our Machinery Wrecking and Dismantling Division. 

Established 30 years ago, our wrecking service is powered by our team of in-house mechanics who can work with end of life machinery. We are able to salvage some parts and components, giving them a second life. 

It’s well worth considering wrecking your Volvo machine with us as well as shopping for second hand parts with us. A win for you, a win for those seeking second hand parts and of course a good thing for the environment. 

Got a Volvo machine to sell? 

If you have an end of life machine you would like to sell, simply get in touch with our team to discuss the details. You can call us in Melbourne on (03) 9794 5355 or reach out to our team via email at

Looking to purchase second hand parts? 

Used parts are a great way to get you back up and running quickly and at a lower price point than purchasing new parts. We have a range of second hand parts available. To see the latest, check out our yard sale items here. 

As Volvo specialists with decades of experience, we can attest to the quality of Volvo equipment. The standard of quality means that at the end of a machine's life there are often many parts with years left in them. Purchasing second hand is a great option.

We refurbish parts too! 

Our team also refurbish and recondition used parts. When choosing to purchase one of these components, you can rest assured that the quality is not compromised. All our refurbished parts are reliable with onsite bench testing to OEM standards. This gives our customers peace of mind and allows for fast and easy installation.

Our rebuilt component stock includes engines, transmissions, drop boxes, axles, planetary differentials, brake callipers, hydraulic cylinders and more.

Worried about reliability? All refurbished parts are bench tested onsite to EOM standards. 

The advantages of bench testing include: 

- Machines are adjusted to OEM specification

- We are able to identify any possible assembly issues

- Our clients have minimum delays once the component is reinstalled onsite

Supporting a circular economy - purchase used and reconditioned parts.

When we can recycle parts from end of life machinery we are eliminating the need for new parts, reducing landfill and therefore supporting the environment through a circular economy. 

As previously mentioned, the quality of Volvo machines is such that at the end of a Machine's life there are often many parts with years left in them. Don’t let them go to waste! 

Machines that we wreck & dismantle: 

  • Excavator Wreckers 
  • Dump Truck Wreckers 
  • Loader Wreckers
  • Grader Wreckers

At HTS we are not limited to Volvo machinery. We can also accommodate brands including Doosan, Hitachi and more. If you want to chat about our wrecking experience and capabilities, simply give us a call! 

Get in touch with us today. 

Check out our yard sale for parts and components currently available. 

If you want to get in touch about selling a machine to HT Spare for wrecking contact us here.